Here’s how to complete an application or lease for Campus Side

Complete the application in our leasing office or apply online from the comfort of your own home. Please be prepared to submit payment for your $200 per person security deposit and $50 application fee upon the completion and submission of your application.

All undergraduate applicants will be required to provide 2 parental co-signers to complete a guarantor section of the application, which can also be completed online. If you can only provide 1 parental co-signer, please contact the office at 724-794-2626 for assistance.

Graduate/professional applicants will be required to provide proof of income. In order to qualify for a lease, the monthly rental rate cannot exceed 35% of your monthly income (before taxes). If your monthly rental rate does exceed 35% of your income, then co-signers will be required.

Once your application is received and approved, you (and your co-signers) will be required to sign an electronic lease. Once all signatures have been acquired, your lease will be finalized. You can access your lease online through our resident portal.

As always, please feel free to contact our office at 724-794-2626 with any questions!

*All applicants and co-signers may be subject to a credit check for approval.

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